We Design Advanced Nonimaging and Imaging Optics

NEWS: LPI's Juan Carlos Miñano awarded the prestigious Joseph Fraunhofer Award/Robert M. Burley Prize. For more information click here.

2014 Acura RLX "Jewel Eye" Headlight

The Jew Eye LED headlamp

LPI's RXI™ free-form optics, used on the Acura RXL provide superior efficiency and beam control in a very compact package. The design software is an implementation of the LPI-patented 3D SMS Method. LPI has designed several automotive applications .

Low Profile Collimators

V-Groove RXI

LPI specializes in low-profile collimators. The new V-Groove RXI works well with MR16 and portable lighting, can be designed for small beam angles, and helps blend colors of RGB LEDs and eliminating the fringe color rings of conformal phosphor coated white LEDs.

Color Mixing and Uniformity

Shell Mixer

The Shell Mixer is placed over an RGB or RGBW source and produces perfect color mixing without compromising collimation. The étendue increase is negligible and the lens diameter is only three times that of the source. Optical efficiency is >90%.

Remote Phosphor Solutions

60Watt A19 LED Lamp

LPI specializes in remote phosphor lighting application. This A19 lamp provides superior illumination uniformity. The unique, patented approach offers improved thermal performance and efficiency. The phosphor is contained in a silicone sphere permitting higher temperature applications, such as use inside a glass globe. Click Here for our simple Light Bulb Facts document.

Ventana Optics for CPV Solar

Ventana Optics

In partnership with Evonik, the Ventana™ Optical Train is now available to the CPV industry without the high tooling cost and long lead times that developing these optics represents. This optic set is available off-the-shelf and has delivered above 32% module efficiencies for integrators.

Open Source SMS Software

SMA Software

The Simultaneous Multiple Surface (SMS) Design Method is a quick way to design nonimaging optics. To help educate those interested in the method, LPI has prepared a simple program to design a refractive lens. The package comes with C source code, a compiled version, and an introductory document describing the SMS method. Click Here to download the software package.

Specialized Landscape Lighting

Kichler 5x Landscape Lamp

This custom optical design satisfies Kichler's demands for high efficiency, with a unique thermal solution. Most of the LED light exits directly from the lamp without the added losses passing through a lens or off a reflector. The LEDs are placed direcly adjacent to the outside of the housing for cooler operation.

Imaging Optics

Short Throw Projector

Optical systems for ultra short-throw projection. These devices can be used as an accessory to conventional projectors (home cinema). Other applications include multimedia equipment for virtual reality systems with rear, frontal or surround projection.